DataLocker Acquires Ironkey H-Series Encrypted Hard Drives & Ironkey EMS

DataLocker will continue to supply Ironkey H-series encrypted hard drives and the Ironkey Enterprise Management Service/Server.
Combined with DataLocker’s existing product line the solution becomes even more attractive for customers and partners.

The Ironkey Management Service Is Now Managed by DataLocker

The service was uninterupted with maintained service levels during the transition of the Ironkey Management Service to DataLocker.

The DataLocker development team will continue to improve upon the service and server software.

IronKey H-series Encrypted Hard Drives

The IronKey H-series joins DataLocker’s extensive range of encrypted storage devices. Among the selection is DataLocker’s trademark device, the DL3, which is a LCD pin pad device that comes in a FIPS edition with two pass cascading 265-bit AES encryption.


DataLocker – The Leading Provider of Managed Encrypted Hard Drives & USBs

The acquisition of select Ironkey assets follows the purchase of BlockMaster’s assets including SafeConsole the secure USB management system and the SafeConsoleReady secure USB flash drive line.

The acquisitions added to the fact that DataLocker already was an important player and innovator in the secure storage space makes DataLocker uniquely positioned to service customers in all verticals.