On February 2, 2016, DataLocker acquired the Ironkey Managed Services and Encrypted Hard Drive business from Imation while Kingston Technologies purchased the encrypted flash storage business. We just wanted to share with you some answers to some commonly asked questions.

What is happening to the IronKey Management Service ?

Nothing. We intend to keep the service “as is, where is”

Where do I order service licenses ?

You can order your new and renewal licenses from the reseller of your choice. The manufacturer part number will remain the same.

Where do I order Ironkey flash drives ?

From your current Kingston products reseller.

Where do I order Ironkey H Series hard drives ?

From your current Ironkey or DataLocker reseller.

Who do I contact if I have other questions ?

For Sales contact – sales@datalocker.com

For IronKey EMS license renewals – renewals@datalocker.com

For Reseller Support – channel@datalocker.com

For Technical Support – support@datalocker.com