USB Anti Malware Service

Anti-Malware For Your IronKey EMS Managed Devices & USB Drives

Many agencies have strict IT requirements for deploying USB drives within their environments. DataLocker anti-malware service allows administrators to enable autorun malware defense as just one of the key features to meet and exceed these requirements. With an on-board antivirus that scans the files being stored on your secure mobile storage device, you can protect your files against viruses, worms, trojan horses and other malware threats when the device is being utilized on a Windows system.

How Can We Secure Our Portable Storage From Daily Threats? Our USB Anti-Malware.



Anti-malware service powered by McAfee is available for these IronKey EMS managed devices*:
Sentry EMS, IronKey S1000 Enterprise, IronKey D300M, and DataLocker H300/H350 Enterprise.
*device client update may be required

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