Will the DataLocker drives work with Windows Server Backup?

Yes.  The DataLocker drive is designed to work as a standard external storage device.  Encryption on the DataLocker drive is

What to do after triggering the self-destruct feature

After the Self Destruct feature has initiated the drive will be completely blank and settings will reset back to their defaults.  You

How to use DataLocker EncryptDisc CD/DVD

How to use the DataLocker SecureDisk CD/DVD discs? DataLocker's SecureDisk combines AES 256 bit encryption and disc burning functionality self-contained

What is the “strong password” feature?

The DL3 allows the device administrator to enforce strong password rules. By enabling this the User must set a password

Default DataLocker Password

The defaullt password is "000000"

How to delete / remove an RFID tag

To remove or delete a registered RFID tag. 

How to set up RFID 2-factor authentication

You can set up the optional 2 factor RFID authentication available on the DL1000V32F and the DL500V32F by following the

How to (re)connect my DataLocker to Windows

This may be caused by a problem with Window's Plug N Play service. 1. Unplug all USB devices from the

Does DataLocker meet NISPOM 8-306, DoD Directive 5220.22M requirements for disc wiping?

The DataLocker wipes or destroys data when the self destruct routine is initiated and when the zeroization or key regeneration

What is a VCD?

A VCD is a Virtual CD-ROM. It is a small partition on the DL3 hard drive that appears and functions

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