Wanted: Agile assistant willing to jump in from day one | DataLocker Inc. 

Wanted: Agile assistant willing to jump in from day one

Position Overview


Administrative & Operations Assistant (Netherlands) Job Description

Checklists, organization, and marking items off your list as “completed” is how you know you’ve had a good day.  Not only that, but you find that your best work tends to come out when your day includes a variety of tasks and challenges that keeps you just a bit on your toes. Wrap all that up with co-workers you can trust (but also give you the space to focus on your work) and you’re ready to join our Netherlands team! Joining a smaller team means you’ll need to tap into your “go-get-it-ness” but you’re confident that the challenges ahead are no match for what can be accomplished when you work together as a team. 


Key Performance Indicators

  • Maintain stock levels and check run-rates
  • Respond to client RMA requests within SLA standards
  • Maintain an outstanding AR ratio (collecting bills)
  • General Professional Attitude, Team Collaboration, Attendance


Key Responsibilities

  • Processing orders from partners and across supported regions (EMEA -Europe, Middle East, Africa)
  • Pick items, pack products, and arrange collections with couriers for daily shipments, Receive Incoming goods. 
  • Support sales team in day-to-day operations
  • Receive calls from partners and customers
  • Maintain online accounting Software (QuickBooks)
  • Chasing AR, maintaining on time AP
  • Backup license team when required
  • Other duties as assigned


Job Overview and Requirements

  • Job Type: Administrative & Operations Assistant
  • Work Hours: Full Time – 40hours per week
  • Training for position: Formal and Informal
  • Physical Requirements: None
  • Required Education: Bachelor degree or College diploma in a relevant field preferred
  • Required Experience:  Ability to read, write, and speak English and Dutch; Sales experience a plus
  • Locations: Netherlands Office 
  • Zip Code: 6136GM Sittard (Limburg)