Wanted: Detail-driven Technical Support Engineer

Position Overview


Technical Support Engineer Job Description

Do you love answering questions? And not just answering them, but offering extra details on “why” the answer is what it is? Do you find yourself energized by making sure that every answer you give is as accurate and as clear as possible? You like responding promptly, but not in a way that compromises the accuracy of your response. And, while you like the thought of being part of a support team that constantly pushes for excellence in such a way that inspires confidence in every client that reaches out for help, you’ve found that you do your best work when you’re allowed to focus on the tickets assigned to you and knock them out one by one.

We’ve got the spot for you! With your attention to detail and focus on accuracy and our commitment to creating a structured, stable, and fun work atmosphere, this will be a win-win that is hard to pass up!


Key Performance Indicators

  • Answer 25% of all tickets and phone calls submitted
  • Score 85% or higher on all ticket audits
  • Maintain a 70% (or higher) Resolution rate and a 45% (or lower) ReOpen rate for all tickets assigned each week
  • General Professional Attitude, Team Collaboration, Attendance


Key Responsibilities

  • Clearly track and document all issue within our ticketing system
  • Take responsibility for customer submitted issues and see them through to resolution
  • Provide exceptional customer service skills and excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Critical, deductive thinking to analyze reported issues and propose possible solutions
  • Develop computer skills to research, diagnose, troubleshoot, and identify solutions
  • Participate in creating Knowledge Base articles, internal technical notes, and support articles
  • Comply with established process for proper handoff/escalation of unresolvable issue to appropriate internal teams to maximize customer satisfaction


Job Overview and Requirements

  • Job Type: Technical Support Engineer
  • Work Hours: Full Time
  • Base Pay: $18-23 per hour + participation in company bonus
  • Training for position: Formal and Informal
  • Physical Requirements: None
  • Required Education: High School or GED (college degree preferred)
  • Required Experience: 2+ years in related field. Enterprise support helpdesk experience preferred. Post-Secondary courses or certificates such as MCP, Network+, Security+ preferred.
  • Benefits: Group Medical, Vision and Dental, 401K, participation in team and individual bonuses
  • Locations: Overland Park, KS
  • Zip Code: 66210