Wanted: Problem-solving team player with a knack for technical support

Position Overview

HelpDesk Technician II Job Description


Solving technical problems is your jam! You find that you do your best work alongside your teammates, tackling and resolving issues one at a time and crossing them off the list as you go, ever-chasing that elusive “0” in the ticket queue. As with any support role, the customer service interactions can make or break an experience, and you’ve got the skills and character to ensure that the entire DataLocker team wins as a result of your work. 

With your drive for any team you’re part of to succeed and the constant itch of wanting to tackle the next technical challenge, we’re confident this is the spot for you!


Key Performance Indicators

  • Daily endpoint health check compliance
  • Maintain HelpDesk ticket queue response times within SLA
  • General Professional Attitude, Team Collaboration, Attendance


Key Responsibilities

  • Monitor backups of critical systems. 
  • Design, create and maintain stable and efficient endpoint images/builds and automate their deployment.
  • Design, install and maintain networking, server, desktop, and storage infrastructure.
  • Assist with managing Windows Servers, including Microsoft Active Directory.
  • Work directly with IT leadership to develop, implement and support new solutions that address identified business needs.
  • Fixing day-to-day application and networking issues for employees.
  • Identify, engage and collaborate with the appropriate resources to effectively address IT needs.
  • Clearly document processes, changes, and tasks as completed.


Job Overview and Requirements

  • Job Type: HelpDesk Technician II
  • Work Hours: Full Time
  • Base Pay: $19-$25 per hour + participation in company bonus
  • Training for position: Formal and Informal
  • Physical Requirements: None
  • Required Education: Bachelor degree or College diploma in a relevant field preferred
  • Required Experience: VMware ESXi Administration, Basic Windows, mac, and Linux administration, Excellent communication (written and verbal), Network configuration experience (at minimum: DHCP, DNS, etc.), 1 year experience in remotely supporting end users, preferred experience with ticketing software systems
  • Benefits: Group Medical, Vision and Dental, 401K, team and individual bonuses
  • Locations: Overland Park, KS, remote working 
  • Zip Code: 66210