Full Stack Developer | DataLocker Inc.

Full Stack Developer

Position Overview

The software developer works alongside the QA team, cloud engineering team, driver team and product management to create comprehensive digital solutions for business needs. The applications should be reusable, scalable and still function when hit by large loads—be that from traffic or demanding scripts. You are also tasked with maintaining and testing existing elements to ensure they are as fast and efficient as possible. Data storage and USB devices are a main focus, which requires a good knowledge of data security and compliance.

Key Responsibilities

  • Building and maintaining web and desktop applications
  • Assessing the efficiency and speed of current applications
  • Writing high-quality code
  • Managing hosting environments
  • Maintenance and bug fixing
  • Troubleshooting and debugging customer issues
  • Keeping on top of new technologies
  • Preparing and consolidating financial statements and reports.
  • All other duties as assigned

Job Overview and Requirements

  • Work Hours: Full Time
  • Training for position: Formal and Informal
  • Required Education: Bachelor’s Degree required plus 5 years of demonstrated experience.
  • Required Qualifications:Fluent in Java, C/C++ and / or GoLang, Git version control, Agile methodology, OOD, Qt, OpenSSL, Experience with Docker and container orchestration Database knowledge with MySQL, MSSQL, and NoSQL, knowledge of Web APIs like REST, GraphQL, and SOAP.

Knowledge and experience with compliance and data security is also important, especially after the implementation of GDPR. Developers should also have the following personal qualities:

Outstanding ownership, good problem solving skills and analytical thinking, and high attention to detail.